Urinary Infection

5 Amazing Home Remedies for Urinary Infection

If you have a UTI, you will know what kind of problems it brings. The symptoms may include bladder problems, burning, cramping, bladder or lower abdominal pain, inability to control urine, etc. It is important to note that kidney damage can occur if the urinary tract infection is left untreated. This is because your urinary system acts as the mechanism to eliminate waste from your body. Therefore, any problem with this system can be harmful to your body. But you can easily solve this problem at home!


Here are five amazing home remedies for urinary Infection:


1. Water


You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is extremely important as drinking water helps eliminate toxins to cure the infection. You can also drink fruit juice. Remember to avoid alcohol, soft drinks, and caffeine.


2. Heat application


The heat can help to cure the problems caused by urinary tract infections. You can swim with hot water (not hot!) Or try applying a heating pad to the lower abdomen, which will help relieve the pain.


3. Pee!


If you need help, do it! Even if nothing comes out, remember that you get a bit more bacteria each time you urinate. Keeping it indoors increases your chances of growing and multiplying bacteria. Although this can be uncomfortable, it is important to urinate all the options available to you.


4. Eat cucumbers


Cucumbers have a large amount of water, which is a great way to get more fluids into your system if you have trouble drinking enough water.


5. Drink cranberry juice


Cranberry juice is filled with antioxidants that boost the immune system. It also contains certain compounds that help eliminate microorganisms that cause urinary tract infections.


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