5 Best Natural Remedies to Beat Dandruff Naturally

5 Best Natural Remedies to Beat Dandruff Naturally

Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems of millions of people around the world. And maybe because the condition is so common, people are aware that there is not much to fear. There are a number of shampoos and hair care products on the market that often come to the point where luxury claims to eliminate dandruff in 15 days. Although some of them are really effective, most of these products are loaded with chemicals that can damage their beautiful braids. Dandruff is a part of your scalp that gradually dissolves when it dries. They are caused by cells under the skin that have a very short lifespan.


Natural Remedies to Beat Dandruff Naturally


1. Neem


If a fungal infection of the skin caused dandruff, helps neem oil, which has disinfectant properties, the “Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies” Dr. To heal Vasant Lad. Neem has been an important part of Indian hair care since time immemorial. Neem is known to have antifungal and antiviral properties. Its antimicrobial properties can help fight dandruff. You can prepare neem oil at home or buy it in stores near you, or better yet, you can prepare an effective neem hair. Make a paste of Neembl√§ttern, add the curd bowl and apply on the scalp, leave for 15-20 minutes are, and then rinse. The antifungal properties of Neem in combination with Quark may have a calming effect. It has miracles in the fight against dandruff.


2. Egg White and Lime Juice


Put two egg whites in a small container or container of fresh lime juice; Mix and apply to hair for half an hour, then wash your hair with neem soap. The egg provides the lack of protein from the scalp and dandruff are “soon disappear, says Dr. Vasant Lad in his book. Protein is rich in protein, which is essential for healthy hair. On the other hand, vitamin protects C effective against oxidative stress caused by free Radicals Vitamin C also helps stimulate blood circulation and collagen, further improving scalp health.


3. Amla


This juice, rich in vitamin C, heals dryness and prevents the accumulation of dandruff. Amla with its vitamin C, its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can stop the formation of dandruff. It would also help prevent the itchy sensation caused by dandruff. You can make a mask for Amla hair to treat dandruff. Start with a paste of Amla powder in water. Now grind about 8-10 Tulsi leaves with a little water and mix this paste into the Amla paste. Apply this paste to the scalp with your hands. Let stand for about 30 minutes. Wash with cold water and mild shampoo.


4. Fenugreek or Methi Seeds


Fenugreek seeds also have a high protein content and nicotinic acid, which helps prevent hair loss and dandruff is also a lot of problems that I scalp as dry hair, hair loss and thinning of hair. The application of this mask for fenugreek hair can help treat dandruff. Dip three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds into the water overnight. Mix the soaked fenugreek seeds the next morning with a blender. Be sure to mix well until you get the consistency of glue. Now add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the pasta. Apply this paste to the scalp and hair. Leave it in your hair for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with a mild shampoo. This mask would help revive the health of your scalp.


5. Amla, Reetha, Shikakai


Amla, Reetha (soap nuts) and Shikakai a are all rich in vitamin C, which can work wonders for your hair and scalp. Reetha is very effective in cleansing the scalp by eliminating the germs that cause infection. You can easily make shampoo Amla, Reetha and Shikakai at home. Soak 5 to 6 carnations of Reetha, 6 to 7 pieces of Shikakai and some Amla carnations in the water during the night. Heat the mixture in the morning until it starts to boil. Turn off the heat and allow the mixture to cool. Now mix the mixture with a blender. Filter the mixture and discard the residue. Use this liquid mixture as a shampoo.

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