Asthma Attack

5 Best Ways To Prevent An Outdoor Asthma Attack

What can be worse than an Asthma Attack outdoors? Bringing fresh air instead of calming it, shortness of breath and wheezing? Outside they stand for good health and vitality, but not for asthmatics. Air pollution, pollen, smoke, dust and other allergens are in large quantities and can really trigger a massive outdoor asthma attack. For a patient with asthma, it is to walk in the open as on eggs. Do I have to sit at home? In no way. Being outdoors is associated with health and longevity. Here are some ways to prevent an asthma attack when you are outdoors.


Tips To Prevent An Outdoor Asthma Attack



1. Air Quality


A respiratory disease means that the effects of air pollution are more noticeable than in healthy lungs. Although poor air quality can make no visible difference to an ordinary person, it can be a life-and-death struggle for someone with asthma. If you dare, keep an eye on the air quality index. The green in the index means “good”, while the brown/red means “dangerous”.


2. Weather


If you are planning an outing, make sure that the weather is your breathing. The cold air is very dry and can trigger an asthma attack as well as hot, dry air in the deserts. Cover your face with a handkerchief or mask and do not remove it until you are in it. The humidity is not a permanent friend. In fact, it is harder to manage. In bad weather, train at times when the weather is most comfortable.


3. Plan Your Workout


Difficult workouts can take your breath away in several ways. Stop before you make too much effort. Moderate and regular exercise will ensure that you stay healthy and do not impose your lungs. Early mornings are associated with a large amount of pollen in the air, so avoid training at this point. I could try other ways to stay in shape, apart from high-energy workouts. Yoga and swimming are good alternatives.


4. Being Smart


Keep a mask for situations where nature surprises you. You can also take preventative inhalations of your inhaler if you have conditions that could trigger your asthma attack. You need the permission of your doctor. Another way to prevent an asthma attack when you come back from outside is to take a bath and change clothes. Using a hat during the pollen season ensures that none of them stick to your hair and trigger an attack.


5. Preventive Steps


To avoid an asthma attack, there are some things you can do, such as wearing long-sleeved clothing, long pants, and avoiding the use of hair products, as these bind allergens. After the warm-up session, always start training and finish the workout with proper cooling.

It is important not to avoid the exercises because you have asthma. To be active is necessary for good physical and mental health. You just have to do it in the most appropriate way for your condition. Talk to your doctor about the best course of treatment to prevent asthma attacks.


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