5 Super Herbs for Healthy Eyes

5 Super Herbs for Healthy Eyes

Today, with the onset of technology, our eyes are used to coping with excessive workload. From working on screens to surfing on smartphones, our eyes are energized. In addition, it is common for our eyes to deteriorate with age. Therefore, it is imperative that we take care of our eyes and keep them in good condition.

Although eating vitamin-rich foods and wearing goggles in front of the screen can help, this may not be enough. To ensure optimal protection and good health of our eyes, it is also important to eat nutritious herbs.


Herbs for Healthy Eyes


1. Eyebright


As the name implies, eyebright is a herb that can be helpful in improving eye health. One study found that she could treat the problem of conjunctivitis, also called a pink eye. An eye infection called blepharitis means that the eyelids become inflamed.


Eyebright can help to significantly reduce inflammation and to effectively cure the infection. Therefore, if your eyes are itchy or irritating, you can use this herb for an effective treatment of the problem. Euphrasia can be applied directly to the eyes as a lotion to achieve the desired results.


2. Ginkgo Biloba


This herb has been used for centuries all over the world. It is not only useful for the treatment of problems related to the central nervous system, but also eye problems.

Its properties are such that it can also be called a selective vascular dilator. For this reason, it is known to increase the blood circulation and to direct the blood flow to the back of the head. People suffering from diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration can be cured with this herb.

A survey of a group of patients with glaucoma also revealed that gingko has a better and clearer view. Therefore, drink gingko Biloba herb in your diet to ensure the well-being of your eyes.


3. Milk Thistle


It is often said that the health of our eyes indicates the proper functioning of our liver. According to the survey, blurred vision can be the result of liver function without any problems. Milk thistle herb may be beneficial.

This is an ingredient called silymarin, known to promote liver health. Because the liver stores fat-soluble vitamins and glutathione, it can be helpful in repairing your eyes. In addition, milk thistle can also help us to inhibit the production of the compound called reductase. This compound is responsible for the deposition of sugar in the eyes of those who have diabetes.


4. Turmeric


Turmeric is not only a source of antioxidants; it is also healthy for the eyes. The use of turmeric serves to reduce the presence of oxidation in the lens. This allows the body to maintain a clear and precise view.

Another reason why turmeric is a blessing to the eyes is that it contains a component called curcumin. A study has found that this compound can help to effectively alleviate the dry eye syndrome.

In addition, it can also help prevent the onset of retinal degeneration. Another benefit that comes from turmeric is its property of curing sore throats. This also keeps the pharynx behind the nasal cavity, which works well. Therefore, turmeric in your daily diet helps in maintaining the health of your eyes.


5. Bilberries


Bilberry is a herb that is used to make various medicines. One of the most popular benefits of cranberries is the improvement in eyesight. Its use can treat eye disorders such as cataracts and retinal diseases. According to one study, it contains a large amount of a chemical called anthocyanoside. In addition, this chemical is associated with improved eyesight in patients with diabetes and high blood pressure.


In addition, blueberries may be useful in the treatment of diseases such as glaucoma and eye fatigue. Therefore, it is important for those who want to protect their eyes and ensure good circulation in the eyes. Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that require maximum care. Therefore, take care of your health by integrating these herbs holistically into your diet.

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