5 Interesting Facts of Sleeping_

5 Interesting Facts of Sleeping?

The sleep is influenced by a number of different factors such as stress, lack of exercise, late work hours, shift changes and even long-distance travel. Today we will not discuss the problems too much, but we will talk about interesting facts about the sleep.


Interesting Facts of Sleeping


We Spend One-Third of our Life in Sleeping


This is hard to believe, but if we sleep about eight hours a day, we spend a third of the day in sleep. Depending on the number of hours of sleep, the overall percentage may change, but as we get older, we tend to sleep much more. Sleep difficulties can accompany the elderly and this can sometimes alter the total amount of sleep we have in life. In general, however, most of us sleep for at least a third of our entire lives.


Sleep is Essential for Memories


If we do not sleep, we will have trouble remembering things. Sleep is extremely important in the process of memory consolidation and a good night’s sleep will only help us to create stronger memories. Clinical studies have shown that people who sleep between two and three hours after learning something new remember longer than those who sleep between eight and nine hours after learning something. This can be very important for students and young people who are learning a new skill or are acquiring new knowledge that can help them in their future careers.


Most of Us Do Not Want to Get Out of Bed


Were you ever happy to wake up in the morning? Few people who sleep at night want to wake up on time and may even have difficulty getting out of bed. The difficulty of getting out of bed is called Disania. Although it can be mild for most people, there are people who find it extremely difficult to wake up in the morning because of the fatigue associated with it. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is closely related to dysentery and usually requires some form of treatment to ensure that the sleep cycle does not last.


Jerking Moments in The Sleep is Common


Many times, when we fall asleep, we can notice that our body is suddenly scared. This often happens when we are not completely asleep, but we are about to fall asleep. This kind of shaking in the body is called hypnotic idiots. They are also called myoclonic idiots or hypnogogic sweaters. They are quite normal, but they can get worse in people who suffer from anxiety or that nearer physical activity near bedtime. Caffeine is also a trigger.


Sleepwalking Exists


It is estimated that about 15% of people in the world are active sleepwalkers. While the body is in a state of sleep, the mind can control the movements and help them walk in familiar territory. It is absolutely good to wake someone who is sleepwalking to help him get back to bed.

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