Five simple tips to avoid weight gain while on vacation

Five simple tips to avoid weight gain while on vacation

It is true that holidays are a time to have fun and relax with loved ones. But that does not mean that you should let your healthy eating habits completely out of the window while traveling. If you’re not careful, you risk seeing everything when you’re on vacation, even when you’re not hungry, and then go home with an extra notch on your belt. Setting realistic weight loss goals and sticking to them, even traveling can help you avoid those extra pounds. With the right strategies, you can enjoy your summer vacation carefreely.


While many people think the summer months are a good time to lose weight, the season may be a time of food sabotage, if you are not sensitive to your food choices, with your patio bites, delicious treats of ice, just to name a few, According to experts, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks while you are away from home without gaining belly fat.


Here are five simple tips to avoid weight gain during the holidays:


Avoid binging


The holidays revolve around an unlimited distribution of food. By depriving yourself of the foods you really love, you can sabotage your attempt to improve your diet, you should not overeat or learn to overeat. Of course, deprivation is not fun, especially when you are on vacation. But moderation is important when it comes to controlling calories with delicious treats and alcohol.


Snack smarter


Do not eliminate your healthy eating habits during the holidays. With a little planning, you can feed your body with healthy snacks that will also save your diet and appetite. Instead of high calorie and fat snacks, choose healthy snacks such as low-fat yogurt, cheese, fruits, skim milk, smoothies, and vegetables. Healthy snacks last longer and control hunger between meals, so you can eat fewer calories at your next meal. Roasted chickpeas, nuts, and seeds are an excellent source of protein and will satisfy your cravings for crispy and salty flavors.


Portion control counts


Remember, controlling the food content is the key to successful weight loss. Therefore, you should exercise the portion control on holiday, if you want to avoid weight gain. Try to enjoy small portions of what you want and eat slowly. This will help you to taste the food better and feel a sense of satisfaction.


Watch what you drink


It’s good to have these refreshing cold drinks when it’s hot outside, but it’s best to avoid or limit the consumption of high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks, juices, alcohol, and sugary drinks. They add empty calories and they do not fill you up. Instead, drink water that contains no calories and increases your overall health.


Be physically active


Holidays should not stop you from staying fit and active. There are many ways to stay active while traveling: hiking, trying out new activities, sightseeing, swimming, cycling, etc. When you are active on holiday, you will feel rejuvenated, renewed and not exhausted. You just have to plan ahead to adapt to the physical condition. Try to choose places where you can participate in activities that you like when planning your vacation.

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