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5 Ways toxic relationships affect your health

We are created for relationships. We long for the union, and often this desire can lead us to settle for unhealthy relationships. Worse still, we may be so hungry for affiliation or despair if we continue in poisonous relationships if they are actually ruining our lives and our happiness.Toxic means toxic, harmful or deadly. A toxic relationship takes your life, harms your self-esteem, or kills your dreams.Living in a toxic relationship can exhaust your emotional and mental state. However, they knew that toxic relationships are silent killers that also affect your physical health. Read on to find out why you should eliminate these energy vampires who are also seeking good health in your life.


Ways toxic relationship affect your health


1. Heart Health


Various studies at different universities have repeatedly shown how social stress affects the health of the heart. According to this study, a person in a toxic relationship has a 34% increase in heart problems, while two-thirds of people living in a constant state of conflict have an average life of fewer than 11 years for those who usually lead a happy life.


2. Immune System


Long-term toxic relationships weaken the immune system of the recipient. Constant stress and negativity weaken our body’s response to combat.


3. Depression


Depression and anxiety are the by-products of a toxic relationship. In India, however, it is not considered a disease yet, it has serious consequences like any other critical health problem.


4. Obesity


Toxic relationships put a strain on you and when you’re stressed, your brain is eating too much (especially carbohydrates and sugars). Studies have shown that people who are constantly involved in negative relationships are turning to an emotional diet that makes them overweight in the long run. Belly fat is the most common sign of stress.


5. Adrenal Fatigue


Living in a constantly combative environment pumps cortisol levels into your body and leads to adrenal fatigue. Your rejected mood is just a symptom of the hormonal imbalance in your body caused by the constant igniting of the gas.


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