ancient habits to lead a healthy life


Unlike the ancient habits, modernization is ruining our healthy lifestyle. Hands are replaced by forks and knives, floors are replaced with dining tables, eating together with family is no more fun rather everyone wants to eat on his bed, watching TV or while working. Living in the comfort zone, people have forgotten the ancient habits to lead a healthy life and are not much aware of the remote ways used by the generation before us, which were way more healthier than ours. Eating habits have always been an important factor to remain healthy. Eating habits should be molded in such a way that it could make a balance with our digestive system, making it sure that the food is giving the required energy and not just the feeling bloatedness or laziness.


Anyone seeking to lose weight would be knowing the struggle. There are many instances which show that people follow different diet plans, yet not able to lose enough weight. On the other hand, ancient habits are much healthier and help to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ancient habits which could help you in leading a healthy life if followed correctly.


1. Eating with our bare hands

As we are pursuing life, modernization is one such thing about which everyone cares about. Using fork and knife instead of hands because no one wants to feel embarrassing while eating in front of the public. But according to the ancient techniques, eating with the hands is healthier. According to the researchers, eating with the bare hands let you connect with the food better thus eating comparatively less. Moreover, this could help you lose weight.


2. Sitting on the floor while eating

Increase your eating awareness and quit eating on dining tables or bed or somewhere other than the floor. According to the experts, sitting on the floor with the crossed leg while eating is a yogic posture which opens the abdominal muscle. It also increases the blood circulation and flexibility of the body and helps in the digestion of food as well. Following this practice can reduce the problems of bloating and acidity.


3. Early dinner

DIgestion of food is very important to extract every nutrient from the food you have consumed. Many old people have advised us to eat early around 7:00 pm. Even dieticians nowadays are advising the same. This gives more time to your body to digest the food. This can help you in losing weight. Eating late may also hinder your sleep so why not start eating early for a change?


4. Stop stocking up meals for the whole day

Food start losing its nourishment at the moment it is prepared, and it is believed that it should be consumed within 4 hours of preparing it to get the maximum nutrients required by the body. In ancient times, there were no stored or frozen food with fewer lifestyle diseases. Consuming stale food is unhealthy and should be cut short.


5. Do not talk while eating

Growing up with the teaching of not talking while eating is one of the famous chores from our childhood. Talking while eating could choke your windpipe causing severe problems. Moreover, food is not chewed properly while talking making the digestion hard for the body.


These are some of the basic fundamentals which should be carried from the ancient time to lead a healthy life. These practices can also help you to lose weight and increase the efficiency of your digestive system.

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