These days, Type 2 diabetes is in the list of one of the most trivial diseases. When blood sugar levels in the bloodstream are increased more than the normal range, it can lead to some health issues such as kidney complications, eye problems and even cardiovascular diseases. Any person irrespective of the age and gender may suffer these problems. We have discussed some diet plan for type 2 diabetes. An unhealthy diet may be one such cause of type 2 diabetes. An unhealthy diet is referred to any food which is unable to provide a sufficient amount of nutrients to the body. It includes food with high-calorie content, high fat and high sugar. All these things are necessary for the body but in the right amount. Excess of these things in your food is way too dangerous for your health. But anyhow, a person is the only one responsible for his diet. One should take proper care of his diet, exercise and medication plan simultaneously to remain fit and healthy.


Diet plan for type 2 diabetes


1. Include fiber in your diet


Fiber decreases the glycemic content of the food and helps controlling sugar. It is also good for the digestive system of the body. Fiber can be added to your diet in many different ways. Some of the examples of food, rich in fiber are apple, banana, oranges, guava and berries. Except for fruits, vegetables which are dark in color is a good source of fiber. Beans, carrots and broccoli are some of the vegetables which are rich in fiber. Barley and jowar in wheat flour could help you increase fiber in your diet.


2. Apple


Eating an apple just before going to bed will increase fiber in your body which helps to control blood sugar levels.


3. Functional food


Nuts, seed, roots, herbs and spices are important. They are discussed below:


a) Seeds


Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, fenugreek seeds and pistachios are good sources of fiber. You can also include popcorn in your snacks to improve your nutrients intake.


b) Amla


Its antioxidant properties help in reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress in one of the major reasons for diabetes.


c) Turmeric


It is very beneficial for diabetics. It reduces inflammation and prevents certain risks.


4. Food with a low glycemic index


Oatmeal, muesli, barley, bulgar, corns, butter beans and peas are all low in glycemic content. The carbohydrates consumed should primarily come from fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid fruits with high sugar and starch content. Fats and protein have a minimum effect on blood sugar levels. Moreover, protein is essential because it provides energy to work with an advantage of minimum effect on blood sugar level.


What is Glycemic index?


It is the ability of certain foods as to how easily they can increase the blood sugar level. The food item which are easy to digest and release glucose immediately have a high glycemic index. According to some research, food with low glycemic index are preferred in the case of type-2 diabetes, it helps in preventing the sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Glycemic index of 70 and above is measured to be as high. Equal or below 69 is considered to be a moderate range.


What to eat to kill the sweet craving without the negative effects?


For a person who loves sweet like anything, staying away from the same is difficult. There are some choices which can be included in the diet plan for type 2 diabetes. Avacodo, apple, guava, papaya, oranges, melon and grapes can be eaten without any second thoughts.




To maintain blood sugar level in your bloodstream, your diet plans are very important. But following a specific diet is not going to help until you practice regular exercise. Exercise is a must for people suffering from diabetes. It keeps you fit and healthy. You must also see your doctor before applying changes in your meals if you are suffering from a disease like diabetes.

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