If you are really interested in shredding some extra kilograms from your body, you have landed exactly where you were supposed to be. Here, we will be discussing the necessary details regarding one of the diet plan for weight loss which is the ketogenic diet.


Generally, a human body operates on carbohydrates and fats. Carbs act as the fuel to provide energy to the body. The body converts the carbohydrates to glucose and insulin. Glucose is used effortlessly by the body as the energy source and insulin is responsible to operate the glucose inside the body. They both meet the energy requirements of the body thus, most of the fat remains unprocessed and is stored in different parts of the body which results in weight gain.


A ketogenic diet is considered to be one of the most effective and result oriented weight loss diets. Ironically, in this diet, a person is supposed to eat the food items which are low in carbs and high in fat. The human body is very adaptive in nature. The low carbs and high-fat diet change the fueling system of the body. Due to the low intake of carbs, the system starts processing and burning the fat stored in the body into ketones This process helps the body to undergo a state called as ketosis.


This acts as an effective diet plan for weight loss. Moreover, this not only helps in losing weight but enhances our physical and mental strength. It also provides some health benefits such as it reduces the risks of blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces acne and help you feel more energetic throughout the day.


A person is required to limit the calorie intake in some specific amount. The carbs intake is rigorously restricted to 5% to enter ketosis. Protein is very essential to include in your diet to maintain a balance in the total calorie intake, around 25% of the total food should contain protein. And the most important, 70% should be your fat intake. Following a ketogenic diet plan for weight loss will surely benefit you in losing weight as well as enhancing your overall health. We have mentioned some of the food items which a person is alleged to include in his diet.


Some food choices are mentioned here which can be included in your diet plan for weight loss


1. Vegetables and fruits

A major mistake people generally make in the choices of food items. There are many fruits and vegetables which should be avoided to enter ketosis. Basically, the vegetables which are dark and leafy satisfies the criteria. They are low in carbs which is mandatory. Try to eat fruits and vegetables which grow above the ground. Some examples are spinach, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, mushroom, blackberries and raspberries.


2. Protein

Protein is an important element in ketosis but make sure to limit its intake. Opt for dark meat instead of white meat because of its rich fat content along with the required protein. Some examples are fish, beef, pork, eggs, shellfish and poultry.


3. Fats

The majority intake in your daily diet includes fat. There are different types of fat and you should know what to eat and what to avoid. Trans fat should be completely avoided as they are not good for health. They increase the risk of certain heart diseases.
Saturated and Monosaturated fats are preferred to include in the ketogenic diet. The food containing these fats are butter, ghee, olives, egg yolks, mayonnaise, avocado and fatty fish.


4. Beverages

Water is considered as the main beverages. Hydration during ketosis is very important. Normally 7 to 8 glass of water is required but when in ketosis you are supposed to drink some more. You can also drink a couple of cups of coffee in a day. It will provide you with some energy. Flavored drinks can be also taken but in a very less amount.


5. Dairy and Nuts

Try to have dairy items which contain more fat. Also, nuts containing high fat such as almonds are preferred. They also provide you with the fiber which boosts up your digestive system and keeps you feeling full.

There are some limitations while following a ketogenic diet. A person needs to be mentally and physically fir to follow such a diet. Symptoms of ketosis include a headache, constipation, increased hunger, bad breathe, short term fatigue. But these symptoms start vanishing when a person enters ketosis properly and the body get used to it.



The ketogenic diet is considered to be one of the best diet plan to lose weight. This not only helps in losing weight but it is linked with some essential health benefits also. You can also consult your dietician once before starting the keto diet. This will make you feel more satisfied and relax before starting this weight loss diet.

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