Beat Child Obesity: Is your child clocking the Daily Mile?

Beat Child Obesity: Is your child clocking the Daily Mile?

In addition to the WHO’s suggestions, children need to do a lot of physical activity during the day to avoid lifestyle-related illnesses that could interfere with their later lives. Here’s the new mantra around the world.


Do you often complain about how children get stuck on their cell phones / TV screens / computers / video games? Well, you are not alone. But not everyone has given up trying to bring children to a healthier lifestyle. And several schools in the west and even in neighboring Nepal are implementing a targeted program. His name is The Daily Mile.


The Daily Mile is today an effective program in 3,600 primary schools in 35 countries around the world. Make sure that children are brought outside during normal classroom hours and are motivated to walk or run in the playground for 15 minutes. Once in the stream most children run or cover a mile every day.


What is to be done in a Daily Mile?


  • Any time of the day adapted for this activity will be chosen
  • Kids make a mix of running and running
  • Children walk around school grounds or playground
  • No need to dress differently for this activity
  • Children do it by wearing school clothes and shoes
  • Children determine their own pace
  • Everyone is free to talk to other students or teachers

Where did it all begin?


About six years ago, teachers and children at St. Ninians Elementary School in Stirling, central Scotland, felt that their way of life had to be changed. After this school launched this initiative, other schools also realized how good the idea was and quickly adopted it. Now it is an integral part of the timetable in:

  • England
  • the United States of America
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Nepal
  • Australia

Get them started


It is known that children of this age and age lack physical activity. Most things that are available on the Internet or on television screens / mobile phones have made them more relaxed and lethargic by stealing their inherent activity. The World Health Organization recommends that children do at least 60 minutes of moderate to heavy exercise every day; In short, your cardiovascular system should be taken for a serious trot … until you’re out of breath, just like your parents’ generation. , But that does not happen yet. Less than 40% of children reach these recommended levels. Overweight children are at increased risk for diabetes, stroke and heart disease later in life. Therefore, not only the quality of life but also life itself is in danger.


The schoolchildren who introduced the daily mileage increased their moderate / vigorous physical activity by nine minutes a day, reducing their sitting time by 18 minutes a day and realizing that they could walk much further. Children felt more attentive, increased their attention and verbal memory, and improved their well-being. Some even say that they now sleep better and eat well.

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