Facts about Spondylosis

Spondylosis is referred to as the defects or issues in the spine. Generally, it is more common in old aged people and middle-aged people. There are some facts about spondylosis which you and your acquaintances should know. This could help you identify the problem if someone around you is suffering from it.


Spondylosis is the condition related to degeneration of your spine. As a person grows, the fluid present inside the discs of the spine starts extracting out, making them stiffer and more prone to damage. These conditions occur due to daily work and unwanted pressure on your spine. There are many cases of obesity which leads to spine problems because the extra body weight applies pressure on the spine which in turn develops issues in your spine. The damage narrows the available growth in the spine, which increases the risk of developing pinched nerves. There are some unknown facts about spondylosis because of which it is hard to identify at the starting.


A spine surgeon plays an important role in the treatment of spondylosis. The surgeon is well aware of the human structure and helps you to be healthy and recover from its pain as early as possible. Moreover, he will guide you regarding facts about spondylosis which will be really beneficial for the condition of your spine.


Some symptoms of Spondylosis


One of the fact about spondylosis is that in some people, symptoms of spondylosis are not shown prominently which is why identifying the condition is comparatively tough. It also narrows the area of the spine.


1. Tingling, weakness and numbness in your arms, hands, legs or feet.
2. Lack of coordination and difficulty walking.
3. Loss of bladder or bowel control.


Some Causes of Spondylosis


There are many facts about spondylosis which are hidden in its causes. Below are some of the causes which push a person towards this problem. They are:


1. Heavy Labor Jobs
2. High Impact Sports
3. Previous Neck or Back Injuries
4. Smoking
5. Heavy Weight


As we age, the condition of our spine develops issues. Issues such as a dehydrated vertebral disc, spinal ligaments lose elasticity, stiff bones, narrowing of the space for nerves to exit the spine. Having excessive weight also puts pressure on your spine which in turn decreases the strength of your backbone. Therefore, it is advised to lose weight in order to maintain a healthy weight.




These causes decrease the quality and strength of the spine. The spine is considered the backbone of the body. You are advised to take special care of your spine and do visit the spine surgeon if you are feeling any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

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