Due to the increasing pollution and health issues, our hair health is disturbed. Everyone wants manageable hair with a healthy scalp. Hair growth can be affected due to your age, health condition, gender, diet and also your ambiance. But, the most important of them is your diet. According to several studies, there are some suggested foods for hair growth. Our diet is the main source for our body to absorb the required nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins essential for our hair growth. Many of us are suffering from hair loss, the reason being is our poor eating habits.


Healthy and desired hair are difficult to achieve. They can majorly be achieved by taking a balanced diet. Peculiar effects can be observed in the hair health by consuming different foods for hair growth. Today, the market is occupied by hundreds of hair care products which are only said to improvise the hair growth and scalp condition. If you are willing to look around for some healthy food options to include in your diet for increasing your hair growth and make your hair more nourished, you are reading the appropriate article at the moment.


Healthy Foods for Hair Growth


1. Egg


Eggs are loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals which helps in promoting hair growth. They are considered to be one of the most common home remedies used for the nourishment of hair. It has many qualities such as it helps you to reduce dandruff, get rid of lice, decreases hair fall and makes your hair thick and strong. It also provides moisture to your hair. Moreover, it is very easy to apply. You are supposed to add two or three egg yolks in a bowl, mix them thoroughly and start applying them on your scalp. The result of this hair treatment can be seen quickly.


2. Nuts


There are several nuts which are rich in biotin. Biotin is a vitamin which is vital in hair growth. Almonds, walnuts and pecans are some of the nuts which are loaded with this vitamin. Zinc and fatty acids are also required to prevent hair loss, and they can be obtained by eating nuts. Other than preventing hair fall, nuts are also beneficial for our heart. It reduces heart diseases.


3. Soybeans


Spermidine, an active compound found in soybeans is studied to improve hair quality. It can be included in the list of foods for hair growth. According to a study, it was founded that the person which are used to consume soybeans or the food with spermidine content has fewer issues regarding hair as compared to the person who eats minimum or a negligible amount of such foods.


4. Avocados


Hair strength increases with the intake of vitamin B and E. Both of them are present in avocados. Some of the hair health benefits we get from avocados are it promotes hair growth, provides moisturizer to hair and is also good for the scalp.


5. Spinach


This green leafy vegetable is loaded with several vitamins, magnesium, zinc are iron. It also contains omega 3 fatty acid. These nutrients combine together and work for the betterment of scalp and nourishment of your hair. Besides providing hair care, spinach is also beneficial and provides various health benefits such as it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and also the risk of cardiovascular diseases.




These food items are very beneficial in treating your hair with nourishment and promoting hair growth. The process of hair growth is very slow, it might take a time of approximately two months to increase your hair length by 2 inches. Damaged hair requires your attention and care to be back to a healthier state. It is also suggested to visit a doctor if you are facing a tremendous amount of hair fall.

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