Body Mass Index commonly known as BMI is the ratio of the body weight and body height. It is also said that BMI refers to the total body fat percentage of a person. BMI can help you in checking whether you are overweight or underweight. It is very important to know the health importance of body mass index. Knowing this will help you to create an awareness regarding your health and fitness.


This value is linked with your health conditions. Probably, all the doctors calculate your BMI to examine the level of your fitness. You can also check your BMI yourself. A simple formula is used to figure out your BMI. It is mentioned below.


How to check your Body Mass Index


To check your BMI, you should know your exact weight and height in meters. Divide your weight ( in Kgs ) by the square of your height ( in Mtrs.). The formula is mentioned below:


Body Mass Index = weight / ( height )^2


Besides knowing the formula and obtaining your BMI, you should be aware of the defined BMI ranges to examine your health. We have described the BMI ranges. Kindly, have a look.


Ranges of Body Mass Index


Calculate your Body Mass Index today, and check if you are healthy with minimum risk of developing certain dangerous diseases. Below mentioned are the ranges of BMI which denotes your heath level.


1. Underweight

If your BMI is below 18.5, you are considered as underweight. This is a condition where there is a lack of fat in your body. A good level of fat in your body is very important to keep you fit.


2. Normal Range

The range which is believed by doctors to be normal is from 18.5 to 24.9. If your BMI lies in this range, you ought not to worry about your health. Although, practicing regular exercises will help you to remain fit and healthy.


3. Overweight

The range from 25 to 30 is considered as the condition of overweight. The person whose Body Mass Index ranges in between this range is more prone to certain diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes and even heart diseases. This range depicts that the fat percentage is above normal and some steps should be taken by the person to reduce his body fat.


4. Obese

If your BMI is greater than 30, you are termed as obese. This is a case where an excess of fat is stored in your body. This fat can be stored in various parts such as thighs, hips, arms and most commonly on the stomach. The person with obesity is more likely to suffer the cardiovascular issues.


Health Importance Of Body Mass Index


However, the health importance of Body Mass Index is to determine the overall fat percentage of your body, but it is not the only factor by which your health level is examined. A healthy number of population is present with disturbed BMI value according to their weight and height and are still considered as healthy. They can be athletes and physical trainers. This is due to their weight to height ratio and also their muscles. Their bodies are shaped in a distinct way, thus, they seem and actually are healthy.




We have discussed Body Mass Index and also some health importance of Body Mass Index. It is a normal value which is very useful in obtaining the health level of a person. If you are under or overweight, we advise you to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Ignoring this could cause you certain severe cardiovascular diseases or even cancer.

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