Many people are working on their diet plans as rolling into 2019, and with no doubt, everyone wants to be healthy, fit and grow physically. People are seeking different diet options and aspiring to build a better body. Avoiding oily and junk food and replacing them with fruits, milk, eggs and also a non-vegetarian diet might help them achieve their targets, but, do they promise themselves to not leave this healthy diet? and not jumping back to their regular unhealthy diet which might be more mouth-watering to them. This is just the start of the Yo-Yo diet! Here comes the parameter called perseverance, to something and something here is all about being healthy and fit.


A Yo-Yo diet is basically bouncing back and forth between healthy diet when you are conscious about health and then switching onto unhealthy diet when you are not so conscious. But ever thought what impact does is leave on your health? Gaining and losing weight in regular periods effects your cardiovascular health negatively. It causes stress to the cardiovascular system. The sum and substance are that following a healthy diet for a period could help your cardiovascular system in an enormous way but on the other hand, discontinuing it effects negatively to it.


These are some major problems faced by the people who are in the habit of following yo-yo diet:


1. Increased body fat percentage


The ratio of your muscle mass and your fat is known as body fat percentage. Muscle mass is comparatively regained slowly compared to the body fat thus increasing the body fat during the weight gaining state.


2. Weight gaining results in fatty liver


While gaining weight excess of fat gets collected inside the liver cells which makes the liver fat. Risk of obesity and diabetes increases in this case. Sometimes it leads to chronic liver failure called as cirrhosis. The state of fatty liver can also increase the risk of liver damage, ruining the cardiovascular system.


3. Increases blood pressure


Making things lousy, yo-yo dieting might burn the healthy effects of early weight loss on blood pressure. Researchers have proved that people following this dieting while losing weight have fewer improvements in blood pressure levels. Moreover, this effect may survive for years but goes away after some time.


4. Causes Frustration


Gaining and losing weight at regular intervals increases the frustration level of a human being. Because the amount of hard work and time people devote to lose weight does not show proper or sustainable results over time. But you are not supposed to feel hopeless, take it otherwise as ‘changes are the laws of nature’. Why not change edit your diet plan for a change?


5. Prolong risk of heart diseases


Increment and decrement in weight tend to narrow the coronary artery which supplies the heart. More the changes in weight occur, more the risk of heart diseases increases because, weight gain negatively effects the heart more than what being overweight does.


6. It can lead to muscle loss


Due to the loss of fat, the body also loses muscle mass. But as the body is able to gain fat more easily, muscle mass remain low thus leading to the loss in muscle. It also decreases the physical strength. But this can be treated by eating enough amount of protein and practicing exercise.

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