Maintaining health is the most crucial element of life. Who does not want to work efficiently? To produce more out of you, you should know how to improve health and fitness. There are many habits of our day to day life which act as an obstruction to our fitness. The condition becomes poorer when your efforts to remain fit go in vain. Then, how to improve health and fitness?


It might be possible that you workout daily followed by the desired diet but the reason for not growing sufficiently is your bad habits. These bad habits can be any practice which can harm you directly or indirectly. Whether be it skipping meals, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, not exercising properly or any such thing. To see results, you are supposed to be patience, motivated and keep practicing until you see a positive change in you. The good news is, these changes regarding health and fitness can be examined and felt by yourself. You will feel more enthusiastic, energetic, positive, motivated, in shape, and happy. Who does not want to feel these immense pleasures of life? Moreover, it helps you built a great personality. But to achieve these goals, one is always supposed to be focused. Here are some habits which bully our health.


1. Insufficient sleep

The essential sleeping time indicates the sleep of minimum eight hours per day. Sleeping is not considered paramount by most of the people these days. But actually, it is very crucial to get enough sleep. Enough sleep in your daily routine can help your mood swings, depression, stress level, flexibility in completing a task, more energetic and fresh. In fact, it also increases the testosterone level in men. Proper sleep will act as cherry on the cake if it comes in a routine. It means there should be a fixed time to go to bed and to wake up. This stops hindering your body power thus making you fit and healthy.


2. Careless weekends

As the weekend comes by, people usually ignore their workout routines and also their diet. The calorie intake is increased by 40% and work out time is decreased to almost zero in the weekends. Thus, diminishing your fitness and makes your health complicated. And then the question like ‘how to improve health and fitness?’ arises again. Suggestion for this problem is being careful. Weekends are supposed to enjoy but try not to play with your health. Doing this could abolish your hard work which you have been doing the whole week.


3. Lifting excess of weight

Infatuation with heavy weights can cause you a severe injury may be for lifelong. This could be very critical for your health. Recovery from loss of strength is very much necessary for lifting weights. According to the research, lifting the excessive weight without giving enough time to body for the recovery could cause muscle damage, tiredness, loss in strength and major injuries. It is suggested not to do any such activity which could harm you. The key to break this is, one should be doing an extra rep instead of lifting more weight. After attaining stability in lifting current weights, is the right time to increase weight but gradually.


4. Improper Nutrient Intake

If you are not aware of the essential food nutrients, your work out might not help you meet your fitness goals. Intake of food items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, egg, milk and so on provide your body the core ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, carbs, fat and fibers which leaves tremendous benefits to improve your fitness.


5. Imitating similar workout.

Generally, most of us stick to the same workout plan, making it difficult for the body to grow as a whole. Performing same exercises daily might help you built your body parts but the key is to improvise completely. According to the research, persons who are used to follow the same workout routines often get depressed because of not growing from everywhere.


These are some healthy tips which you can take care of to improve your health and fitness goal. Focus, determination and patience along with these habits will positively bring a better change in you and your physique.

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