Kidney stone treatment without surgery

Kidney Stone Treatment Without Surgery

The kidneys are one of the vital organs of the human body. They are located at the back of the abdominal cavity and serve two essential functions such as eliminate harmful toxins from the human body and maintain the water level, other fluids, chemicals and minerals. The kidneys filter, absorb, and secrete the blood that is supplied to them with the end product in the form of urine. To have a healthy life, you need kidneys that work properly. People consume different foods every day, which are then converted into energy; this process also produces by-products in the form of potentially dangerous toxins. The accumulation of these toxic substances can be dangerous to the human body. The lack of water in the body can lead to the formation of Kidney Stone. These stones can be the size of a pea or the size of a golf ball. They usually consist of calcium oxalate and some other compounds and have a crystalline structure. The formation of kidney stones can cause urination problems, accompanied by weight loss, fever, nausea, hematuria, and acute lower abdominal pain. Kidney stones are mainly removed by surgery. But there are effective and natural ways that you can try at home to remove kidney stones from your system.


5 Remedies to Dissolve Kidney Stones


1. Drink lots of water


Water is considered an elixir of life. It helps to maintain the moisture content. Water helps the kidneys to dissolve minerals and nutrients and speeds up the digestive and absorption process. Water helps to remove unnecessary toxins from the body that could cause more kidney damage. People who have kidney stones should use a lot of water to get rid of them through the urine. In general, it is advisable to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water per day.


2. Lemon juice and olive oil


The mixture of lemon juice and olive oil may seem a bit strange, but it is a very effective home remedy for removing kidney stones from your system. People who want to remove the stones naturally from their kidneys should drink this liquid daily until the stones are removed. While lemon juice helps break kidney stones, olive oil acts as a lubricant that allows you to go through the system without any problems or irritation.


3. Apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar contains citric acid, which helps to dissolve and dissolve kidney stones into small particles. The apple cider vinegar helps to facilitate the removal of kidney stones through the urethra. The use of apple cider vinegar helps eliminate toxins and cleanse the kidneys. Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can be taken daily with lukewarm water until the stones are completely removed from the kidneys.


4. Pomegranate


Pomegranate contains many nutrients and is an extremely healthy fruit. Pomegranate juice is one of the best natural drinks that can help to keep the body hydrated. It helps to eliminate kidney stones naturally. It contains good antioxidants that strengthen the immune system.


5. Corn hair or Cornsilk


Corn or corn silk is found in the horn shell and is usually thrown away. But did you know that it is extremely effective to remove kidney stones from the system? Maishaar can be boiled with water and filtered for consumption. It also prevents the formation of new stones and is a diuretic that increases urine flow. Maishaar also helps to relieve pain with kidney stones.

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