Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Flotation Therapy

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Flotation Therapy

Statistics show that nearly 10% of adolescents and about 40% of adults suffer from some type of anxiety disorder related to stress. Mental health has generally been neglected, although it is indeed one of the major causes of physical illness. To pay attention to our general well-being, we must find a way to reduce stress and anxiety. One of the modern innovations for improving our mental well-being is flotation therapy. It has become increasingly popular as a method to improve the deep meditative state, to create a feeling of general relaxation, and even to increase creativity.


Flotation Therapy is a healing and therapeutic exercise that relieves stress and anxiety in a private and peaceful environment. This includes the use of a flotation tank or a sensory deprivation chamber. This reservoir contains about 6 to 12 inches of sterile water mixed with about 800 pounds of medicinal-grade Epsom salts to aid in flotation. This tank is completely waterproof against light and sound. There is enough oxygen circulation. The goal is to lie in this tank for 60 to 90 minutes in a completely dark and quiet environment and to meditate.


What really happens is that the brain goes into the theta stage for the last 20 minutes of the tank, which is the most relaxed state of consciousness. It is also the step at bedtime and just before waking up. In this phase of Theta, the tank has a way to keep the user alert and alert, which essentially relieves anxiety and gives it a feeling of peace and tranquility. Meanwhile, some users are choosing to expand their creativity.


Some flotation centers and spas have taken over this exercise, especially in the United States.  And in one of these flotation centers you can find commercial flotation tanks. Studies in the US and Sweden show that flotation therapy has significant positive effects on pain and stress reduction as well as on blood pressure. Whether you want to use this flotation service with passive flotation therapy to relax the mind, or with active flotation therapy with mantras, self-hypnosis and other therapeutic processes designed to open your mind, the end result has not gone wrong. The only precaution is to avoid slipping and salting in the eyes when entering the flotation tank. It is also advisable to keep your eyes closed during the procedure to avoid any disorientation. The flotation therapy can also complement other body healing exercises.


Flotation therapy is exactly what the name implies: customers float effortlessly in hot, mineral-rich water in a quiet, peaceful environment. Our flotation therapy rooms are private and are designed to promote complete relaxation of body and mind. The lighting is weak and the only sound you hear is the silence inside and outside your own breath. The pelvis is flat, generously sized and filled with water whose body temperature is infused with bitter salt. Everyone swims easily in this mineral-rich environment. and the combination of minerals and hot water completely relaxes the tense muscles, while the tranquil environment allows your mind to break away from the hustle and bustle of our modern lifestyle. It is complete relaxation therapy.


Almost everyone can benefit from flotation therapy. Reducing external stimuli in a floating environment allows your body to achieve a state of rest and recovery that will encourage you to heal. The physical benefits are almost too numerous to take into account and include effects such as chronic pain relief, faster recovery from sports injuries, and fewer days with tension-type headaches. Investigations have also shown that the blood pressure and cortisol levels are lowered in people who regularly float. But there are also important emotional benefits, such as relief from anxiety, better and more complete relaxation and the promotion of a better and deeper dream. Flotation professionals also find that they feel more creative and focused after a flotation session. Here in South Jersey, there is no better way than to achieve complete relaxation with a flotation experience.

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