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Six Super summer foods for weight loss and glowing skin

Obtain beautiful skin naturally with nutrient-rich summer foods that naturally increase your body’s metabolism and help you lose weight. Here is a list of foods that should be on your plate for the rest of the summer. Who does not want to have a beautiful and shiny skin in summer, maybe a slim, slender body? Obviously, it’s not like that! But the scorching heat and stifling weather make your skin hard to breathe.


And not only damage the inner skin but also cause skin problems such as tanning, sunburn and skin rashes that are later difficult to heal. In addition, summer foods can hamper your weight loss efforts if you are not careful. These refreshing drinks are surprisingly high in calories. The good news is that it keeps your body hydrated and healthy from the inside out. This will help you lose weight, keep your skin hydrated and prevent its natural glow from harmful UV rays and pollution. To achieve this natural and desired body weight and skin, you need an internal reinforcement that will eliminate your excess fat, which will be the light and refreshing air throughout the day during the summer. You have to change your eating habits easily. Therefore, instead of products too expensive to protect your skin from sun damage, to protect a beautiful skin in a natural way with foods rich in nutrients that naturally increase the metabolism of the body and help you to lose weight.


summer foods for weight loss and glowing skin



Tomatoes are able to reverse sun damage and remove these burns and unsightly stains. Tomatoes are usually a great source of lycopene antioxidant, which protects the skin from the sun and environmental damage, such as pollution, which can cause dryness, spots and fine lines on the face. Extremely low in calories, tomatoes are an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber that can significantly reduce your weight. Mix some of the raw tomatoes in your salad or put your flesh on your face to get the shine you want.




For people who work all day with sunburn and other skin problems in the sun, cucumber seems to be a valuable aid to your skin. A very common but popular food in the refrigerator full of antioxidants, nutrients, as well as beta-carotene, vitamin C and manganese with low calories and high in fiber found, cucumber is an ideal and healthy food diet that can help you lose weight Belly Fat not only helps moisturize your body, it also rejuvenates the skin.




Peaches are enriched with diversified vitamins, such as A, C and K, beta-carotene, magnesium and alpha-hydroxy acid, an important nutrient that helps protect against harmful UV rays of the skin. To avoid such extreme damage to your skin, eat peaches at any time of the day. But you can also apply a small spoonful or fork by cooking and grinding the fishery on the face as a mask to get clear skin and oil.




Lycopene in melons acts as a natural sunscreen and can protect skin cells from heat and sun damage. It contains 90% water that keeps you hydrated and helps you lose weight. Melons are loaded with Vitamin A and antioxidants that provide anti-aging benefits.




Berries like blueberries, blackberries and blueberries are congenitally full of nutrients that are beneficial to your body. In fact, because of their high fiber content, berries are considered to be the best weight loss food. They are full of polyphenols, strong natural chemicals that promote weight loss and even prevent the formation of fat. The berries also contain many antioxidants such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid and vitamin C, which protect the skin from sun damage and prevent the creation of an enzyme that breaks down elastin to improve softness and the level of hydration of the skin. , Berries also serve as a great source of skin cleanser that helps detoxify oily skin.




Pumpkin seeds are loaded with vitamins energy sources A and C, minerals and antioxidants. They are also rich in zinc, vital in creating new skin cells that help regulate production and reduce the appearance of open pores. Eat a ½ tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, or apply a mask consisting of 3 teaspoons of pumpkin, ½ teaspoon of milk and ½ teaspoon of honey. Wash your face with clean water after 15-20 minutes.

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