Talking therapy not beneficial for schizophrenia treatment_ Study

Talking therapy not beneficial for schizophrenia treatment: Study

The study shows that cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBTP) has only marginally and only temporarily improved the functioning of people with schizophrenia.   According to a study, speech therapy has no utility for improving quality of life and reducing stress in people with schizophrenia.   The findings, published in the journal BMC Psychology, showed that cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBTP) had only a slight transient improvement in the functioning of people with schizophrenia.   “With almost zero effect size, there is no indication that CBTP improves the quality of life of…

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Depression During Pregnancy May Affect Your Child's Sleep

Depression During Pregnancy May Affect Your Child’s Sleep

A new study has shown that the prenatal or postnatal depression of a mother can lead to problems in the sleep behavior of her infant.   Does your child have sleep problems? If this is the case, your emotions during pregnancy may be responsible, according to a new study that shows that prenatal or postnatal depression can cause problems for mother’s sleep behavior. Research has shown that a high level of happiness in the second and third trimesters was significantly associated with a lower risk of sleep problems in children.…

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toxic relationship

5 Ways toxic relationships affect your health

We are created for relationships. We long for the union, and often this desire can lead us to settle for unhealthy relationships. Worse still, we may be so hungry for affiliation or despair if we continue in poisonous relationships if they are actually ruining our lives and our happiness.Toxic means toxic, harmful or deadly. A toxic relationship takes your life, harms your self-esteem, or kills your dreams.Living in a toxic relationship can exhaust your emotional and mental state. However, they knew that toxic relationships are silent killers that also affect…

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