Using technology to quit smoking makes it easier

Using technology to quit smoking makes it easier

The researchers said that most previous studies were based on smokers reporting how often they smoke while the new system tracks the sensor’s smoke activity more closely.


A new study found that smoking cessation technology can be a lot easier. Case Western Reserve University researchers have developed a new system that detects tobacco movements, sends text messages and motivational messages to help users quit smoking.


They used portable sensor technology to develop an automatic warning system that helps people quit smoking. The smartphone application initially limited to operating systems based on Android automatically sends text messages to smokers from 20 to 120 seconds, when the sensors detect certain movements of the arms and the body associated with smoking.


From nicotine gum to hypnosis, there are products and programs that help people quit smoking. Recently, wearable technology has gained popularity in the fight against addiction.


The researchers suggested that most previous studies depended on the frequency of smoking reported by smokers, while the new system more closely followed smoke-related activity for sensors.


We could distinguish a movement that could be mistaken for food or drink, and a series of movements more clearly linked to the act of smoking a cigarette.


The field of tobacco control has really prescribed mobile technologies because many people cannot get treatment, “said Ming-Chun Huang, researcher.


Smoking is responsible for a large number of deaths. Smoking releases more than 7,000 chemicals, including carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and nitrogen oxides.


Tobacco is the most difficult addiction to conquer and smoking is one of the simplest addictive substances. Only a few cigarettes are needed for some people. And neurologically, it’s harder to stop because we have more nicotine receptors in the brain. The results appeared in the Journal of Smart Health.

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