Stress is a state of mind when you and your body might react abnormally to the situations around you. Some ways to manage stress and depression could help you to fight with this situation. It is linked with the pressure a person is feeling in his day to day life. The reason for this pressure could be anything which is not conducted or occurred in your favor or according to your will. Mis-happening in your family, losing a loved one or unable to find a suitable job may be some life events which could push you towards stress.


It is not fundamental that a person going through stress ends up being depressed. It is the hormonal balance and mental health which decides the level of depression in a person. Every person has different effects of the stressed life. Some might feel depressed while some might not. Depression can be linked to a higher level of stress


Sources of stress


Ending a long term relationship, losing an important thing, unable to achieve your goals maybe some of the common causes of stress which a person can feel during his lifetime. An overactive stress system can help you to manage stress and depression. While managing stress, our body releases a hormone named cortisol which actually helps our brain to fight with such a state of mind. According to the studies, this hormone promotes in running away from stress but is not always effective. Some of the common sources of stress are mentioned below


1. Work pressure
2. Family pressure
3. Life struggles
4. Financial Problems
5. Being attacked or robbed
6. Harassment
7. Facing regular embarrassments or insults in public


These are some tragic remedies which can occur to any person, leading him towards the state of depression. Other than these issues, there are some lifestyle activities which are also believed to be connected to welcome this state of mental trauma. These lifestyle changes are mentioned below


1. Excessive consumption of alcohol
2. Lack of sleep
3. Lack of social gatherings
4. Not taking a balanced diet
5. Working often
6. Excessive use of social media platforms
7. Consumption of chemical drugs


These lifestyle habits may trigger your stress level and lead to depression. But, scientifically, there is no major connection between stress and depression. Minor stress is a part of life but when it occurs at a big level, it could be the reason for your depressed state. Due to this, you might not be able to deal with these phases easily.


Effects of stress


While feeling stressed, a negative impact holds your mind and disturbs your mental health. It should be treated more carefully when a person is depressed. A stressed person is considered to have a weak immunity with respect to depression. It becomes difficult for a human being to sustain potential health and cope up with depression. Disturbing a healthy schedule results in opting for adverse enduring strategies. These strategies might include smoking, drinking or consuming drugs to escape reality. This does not help. Moreover, it redirects to a stronger phase of depression.


Effective ways to manage stress and depression


A person need is not supposed to be alone while facing these negative phases in life. Instead, he is supposed to indulge himself in a positive environment which is more likely to change his mood to a healthier and happier extent. Some of the tips to do the same are mentioned below


1. Try to indulge in an extra activity such as dancing, singing or any sports according to his will.
2. Find your hobby or anything which is in your interest and start practicing it.
3. Do not stay alone, rather spend time with your loved ones.
4. Try to think positive for the things or people around you. Spreading positivity will make you feel positive.


Following such activities will help to release hormones called dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin inside the body which are released when a person is feeling happy. The formation of this hormone inside the body is very essential to cope up from these phases.




The best ways to manage stress and depression are mentioned below. Stress and depression can be faced by any one of us, but coping with them is very necessary to lead a happy and satisfied life. Consult a therapist or psychiatrist if the condition is worse. Treating these phases is very important and should not be ignored, rather if you are around such personalities try to help them. In such cases, affection and love is the best way to treat a person with.

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