You might have heard about the cardiovascular system of your body. The cardio exercises are related to your heart health. These exercises increase your heart rate, thus, improvising the blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. ‘What are cardio exercises?’, is one of the most common questions, especially from the persons who are suffering from heart problems.


You are never late to make a step towards your fitness goal. Cardio exercises are not only good for your heart but also are helpful in losing some extra body fat and building muscles. A person, irrelevant of age, gender or physical fitness can perform these exercises for the betterment of his health. Cardio workout is also known as an aerobic workout. This workout repeatedly contracts a group of muscles of your body to increase your heart rate and cardiovascular efficiency. Your blood flow is increased. Due to the healthy blood flow inside the body, your nervous system also acts healthier. A good amount of oxygen is now able to received by your brain to function properly.


According to a study, the most common question asked by the physicians and gym trainers was, what are cardio exercises? The most common answer was the exercises which improve your heart health. The movement or physical activity is a must for us to keep ourselves healthy and fit. These cardio exercises help our body to move. The more intense your workout will be, the more it will affect your cardiovascular system in a positive way. Although, you might see a doctor before starting any of it, in case you are suffering from any heart issue. Your doctor will guide you with the perfect way to start and execute these exercises. The important thing to keep in mind id the regularity. You are supposed to indulge yourself in regular exercises. Some of them are mentioned below

What are cardio exercises for beginners


1. Walking


Walking is a primary and basic exercise essential to be fit. It increases your heart health, increases the efficiency of your respiratory system, strengthens your bones, increases your muscle power, reduces extra body fat and increases stamina. Where on earth will you find such a basic and easy exercise? This cardio exercise is also believed to decrease the effect of type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and some cancer.


2. Stair Climber


It can be linked to walking but with a bit more intensity and is considered good for your leg muscles.


3. Running


It is a simple and easy exercise which provides you with numerous health benefits. Running is good for your overall health, it reduces the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases, it boosts up your endurance and confidence. It is believed that running decreases your stress and depression level, which ultimately improves your health. Moreover, while running the amount of oxygen entering in your body is quite good which is beneficial for your nervous system.


4. Swimming


Swimming, in itself, is a complete package of the workout because every muscle in your body is used while you are swimming. It keeps your heart rate up while increasing endurance, bone strength and cardiovascular fitness. Lungs are also benefited from swimming. You might lose some extra weight from your body if you are in a habit of practicing swimming.


5. Cycling


Cycling is an aerobic exercise with many positive qualities. If you are looking for a low impact and a good muscle workout, you should opt for cycling. It is easy, time-efficient and also increases your stamina. Some health benefits linked to cycling are that it improves joint mobility, reduces anxiety, depression and risk of some cardiovascular diseases such as blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Cycling is also helpful in improving posture and coordination.




Here, we have discussed the benefits of cardio exercises. Physical movement is mandatory for your physical health. It is advised to move more frequently, it is preferred for your good health and cardiovascular functionalities.

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