Most of us are still confused about these reconcilable terms which are vegan and vegetarian. They sound same but are contrasting to some extent. There can be seen a rise in the number of people who are willing to follow a vegan diet in order to take a step towards their ethics. After knowing what is a vegan diet, and its effect on our health and environment, people actually tend to be a vegan. Here, we will describe the vegan diet, its characteristics and benefits and also, how it prevents us from certain diseases.


What is a Vegan Diet?


A vegan diet includes only those food items which are obtained from plant sources. Animal source’s foods such as egg, meat, honey or dairy are strictly prohibited when a person is following a vegan diet. Sometimes, following such a diet could cause a deficiency of some nutrients inside the body. It is believed that following a vegan diet sincerely could lead to numerous health benefits and also aids in weight loss.


A vegan not only excludes food from animal sources but also excludes any material or article derived from it. For eg, leather boots or clothes which are made up with the use of animal skin and so on.


Effects of Vegan Diet


1. Helps in Protecting the Environment


Avoiding animal food and product is connected to different environmental benefits. Land cultivation to grow crops to feed animals, cinctured land for poultry purposes and use of energy and resources to prepare food and other things from the animals are the activities which lead to deforestation, environmental loss and can also extinct some animal species. Thus, veganism takes a step towards the protection of our environment which is somehow beneficial for all of us.


2. Nutritional Value


According to several studies, following a vegan diet properly can provide you with sufficient fiber, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamins, protein and minerals in order to keep you healthy. Poorly planned vegan diets, on the other hand, could cause the deficiency of some essential nutrients. Protein and iron are very important as protein enhances your metabolism and provides energy to pursue your daily schedule and iron is responsible for the formation of red blood cells which are needed to carry oxygen throughout the body.


Some sources of protein: nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.
Some sources of iron: broccoli, beans, wheat and raisins.


3. Cherish our Mood


Avoiding animal sourced material helps in keeping our mind and body at peace. It is believed to prevent stress and depression. A vegan diet is bound to keep us more happy and positive as compares to meat eaters.


4. Long Life


According to a study, the people following such a diet are believed to live more than the people who are in habit of consuming meat or animal sourced materials.


Benefits of a Vegan Diet


1. Aids in Weight Loss


People following a vegan diet are more aware and focused regarding their health. They are thin and have a low Body Mass Index as compared to non-vegetarians. Along with minerals and vitamins, vegans have a sufficient amount of fiber in their diet. This makes them feel full for a long time and avoid overeating. The variety of food included in their diet is easily digestible thus, enhancing the metabolism of the body. Moreover, vegans tend to include physical exercises in their daily routine, thus losing weight while feeling fresh and active.


2. Controls Blood Sugar


A vegan diet does not carry trans fat which results in increased blood sugar level. It also contains food items which are low in glycemic index thus, helps in controlling blood sugar level. The weight loss properties of vegans also help in controlling type 2 diabetes.


3. Improves Heart Health


The person used to consume this diet is very less prone to heart diseases such as blood pressure problems or cholesterol problems. According to a study, there is a 75% reduced risk of blood pressure problem when compared with people who eat red meat. A vegan diet is helpful in reducing blood sugar, LDL level and blood pressure.


Other benefits of following a vegan diet are it reduces the risk of cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. Kidney functioning is also improved.




A vegan diet consumed in the right way is believed to be more helpful and healthy for us. After knowing what is a vegan diet, and its health benefits, many of us might be eager to take the decision of switching on to a vegan diet. You might see its response on yourself very soon. Aware your friends and acquaintances about this diet and lead a fulfilling and cheerful life.

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