Generally, people are more aware of the pre-workout meal but to achieve their fitness goals, they should know what to eat after a workout session which will motivate a person to work out. The post workout meal plays a very important role as the pre-workout meal. After an intense workout session, the body needs energy for the repairment of muscles and tissues. People are generally confused about what to eat after a workout, thus facing difficulty in seeking their health goals.


Pre-workout meal gives you the instant energy which is consumed by the body during the workout and also, the muscles use the glycogen as a fuel to provide energy to the body but what after that? After the workout session, the body is low on energy, it gets dehydrated, the glycogen inside the body is almost drained and the protein level also gets damaged. These conditions frame the question ‘What to eat after a workout?’


After an intense workout session, the body is searching for the glycogen supplies and protein. These elements help in building damaged cell tissues and also in the repairment of the muscles. Consuming the right nutrients shortly after an intense workout session will help you grow in the desired manner. Proteins and carbs are the basic requirements of the body as a post-workout meal.


The answer to what to eat after a workout session is carbohydrates, protein and fat.


Carbohydrates Help In Recovery


As discussed above, during the workout session, glycogen in the body is used as a fuel to provide energy thus there is a requirement of carbohydrates after the workout session. Consuming carbohydrates after the workout session helps in restoring the glycogen store. Now, what about the amount of its intake? It depends upon the type of workout you are into. If a person is simply lifting heavyweights then his body requires fewer carbs then that of a person indulged in some endurance sports. It becomes more important to consume carbohydrates when you workout more often as in more than once a day.


Protein supports re-construction and frame body muscles


As we know that while working out, the body breaks down the muscle protein. Proteins contain amino acid and with the consumption of protein, the need for amino acids of the body is completed. Amino acids help in the reconstruction of these proteins and also helps in the formation of new muscle tissues.


Fat is also acceptable


Including healthy fat in your post workout meal is very important. Amount of fat intake depends upon the type and intensity and also the duration of your workout session.


Other then What to eat after a workout session, one more question arises that is what is the time duration to take the post-workout meal? This matters a lot! Only taking a proper post workout meal will not help, taking it on time will help and will be result oriented.

After a workout session, the body requires these essential elements to build and repair the muscle tissues. It is recommended to consume proteins and carbohydrates within 20-30 minutes after the workout. But, the important thing to keep in mind is that as the time increases after the workout session, the rate of glycogen synthesis decreases and eating late after the session will not affect your body growth.


What to eat after a workout?


Eatables which are easy to digest with the contents of protein, fats and carbohydrates are recommended to eat. The following food items will help you resolve your queries.


Some examples of CARBOHYDRATES are rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, fruits, pasta, leafy green vegetables, milk.
Food items rich in PROTEIN are protein powder, chicken, egg, cottage cheese, protein bar, yogurt.
Food containing FATS includes nuts, avocado, dried fruits.


Only eating the proper amount of food and nutrient is not enough, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is also one of the keys to remain fit and healthy in life.




If a person is investing time in working out, he has every right to see his body growing. But this can be only done by following the factors mentioned above. Taking post workout meal is as important as a pre-workout meal. Keeping your body hydrated before and after a workout, Consume enough protein, carbs and fat and consume them within a short span after completion of your workout.
Well, this is all you need to know if someone asks you ‘what to eat after a workout?’.

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